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Technical documentation – or simply ZINDEL

We – ZINDEL AG in Hamburg – are one of the leading full-service providers in all fields of technical documentation. Whether it be instructions for use, operating instructions or assembly instructions, from computer animation to electronic spare parts catalogues – whatever kind of documentation you need, you will find what you are looking for at ZINDEL AG.

We develop solutions tailored to your individual requirements and in compliance with the relevant, national and international laws, standards and guidelines. And we produce professional translations of your technical documentation in all of the world's languages.

To be able to offer you all of this, we at ZINDEL rely on our highly-qualified staff plus the latest hardware and software. We regard ourselves as customer-oriented, practical service providers for all matters relating to the topic of technical documentation. To see for yourself what skills we have to offer, take a look at this web site. We are sure to find an appropriate solution to meet your needs too. In typical ZINDEL fashion!


The tekom Europe Roadshow arrives in Warsaw – ZINDEL is on the spot

In September, the tekom Europe Roadshow continues on its tour through eight European metropolitan cities. The general focus is on the subject of "Automobile engineering". At the international exhibition all about technical documentation, leading companies in the  industry will introduce themselves, experts will give lectures on current contemporary developments and there will be ample opportunity for professional dialogue. On 18th September, special aspects of the Polish market in particular will play a dominant role in Warsaw.

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Come along to the information day in Bielefeld: "Efficiently creating operating instructions and service information"

"Quality has its price" puts it succinctly, even the many "cheap and cheerful campaigns" have done nothing to change this either. Though everyone always stresses the importance of quality, its price often seems too high. This is very short-sighted, however, because when attention is paid to quality, deficiencies are avoided – and hence considerable follow-on costs.

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The MDR is coming – ZINDEL highlights what's important

A new EU Directive is expected to come into force this year with the "Medical Device Regulation (MDR)" which is intended to supercede the currently applicable "Medical Device Directive (MDD)". This will have far-reaching consequences. Unlike the MDD, the MDR is a regulation and, immediately after resolution, will apply in all EU countries as it no longer needs to be transposed into national law. And it will have much more stringent rules for the documentation of medical products than before: In the future, for example, these products must be comprehensible for all parties involved – authorities as well as medical specialists and patients.

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