So that the text is correct – in content and formal terms

Each text pursues a specific objective. It wants to have an effect. To actually achieve the intended effect, however, the texts must always be free of errors. Not only as regards content but also in formal and style terms. In every language.

This is why we offer you expert proof-reading of your technical documentation translation. This ensures that your text meets your company's requirements in every regard.

One last word on today's conventional translation practices: there is now an entire range of technical tools which facilitate the translation process. These systems can make things easier for humans. They cannot replace them. ZINDEL does not therefore rely solely on technical translation tools. Professional final proof-reading to ensure quality in the target text is always the task of a translator.

Proof-reading quality module

Today, translation is usually undertaken using translation memory systems. These extract lines of text from the source document. They then offer them to the translator in succession, without formatting and without text-image assignment, for editing.

Advantage: identical passages only have to be translated once. The consistency of the translation is also increased.

Disadvantage: the lines to be translated are taken out of their format. Sometimes they are also taken out of the content context. This means that the translator cannot necessarily recognise whether he is currently translating a sentence from a long paragraph, a heading or a picture caption.

At ZINDEL, we solve this problem as follows:

A PDF document with the intended layout is created from the initial, raw translation. The translator is provided with this file. He then corrects any discrepancies completely and directly in the translation memory system. This guarantees that the translation stored in the translation memory can be reused.

We subject the finished translation to a formal check. In the layout, checks are run to determine whether the translated text is formatted correctly, whether the fonts are shown correctly and whether the punctuation follows the rules.

We also check whether the text has been translated in full. Paragraph by paragraph, we compare the translation against the source text.

Secondary proof-reading quality module

One of our special services is secondary proof-reading. This guarantees maximum translation quality. We are also happy to check your previously translated texts for you with our secondary proof-reading service.

Secondary proof-reading functions as follows: a translator produces the translation in a translation memory system. We generate a PDF document in the final layout. This translation is now checked by a second, independent translator. He checks the translation against the source text, sentence by sentence.

Both translators then co-ordinate with each other. Debatable passages are discussed together. Working in tandem, they finally arrive at the best possible translation. The final decision is always left to the initial translator. Secondary proof-reading is a proven measure for enhancing the quality of a translation.

Four eyes always see more than two!