Our terminology management, your translation quality

Above all, one aspect is crucial to a successful translation: the correct and consistent use of specialist terms. This alone guarantees that the translated text is perceived as correct and understandable in the relevant language.

Because technical knowledge alone is not enough

Of course, technical knowledge is a basic requirement of a high-quality translation. But it is not enough on its own. Because each industry has its own specialist terms – and the equivalents of these have to be known in each language (target language specialist terms).

Homonyms are also critical. One and the same word can have two very different meanings. One example is the German word "Scheibe": it can mean a pane of glass as well as a washer. In another language, two different words may exist for these precise terms. In English, pane and washer. If a washer is meant but pane is written in the English text, this may lead to more than simply misunderstandings.

Terminology management – we optimise your translation

At ZINDEL, we optimise translation processes: through our consistent and professional terminology management. This is carried out prior to the actual translation. Misunderstandings, extra work and additional costs are therefore ruled out in advance.

ZINDEL terminology management – your advantages

Our terminology management always pays dividends for you: firstly, professional terminology clarification in advance significantly simplifies and speeds up the actual translation. Secondly, it enables maximum precision in the translation.

And there is another advantage: we offer you web access to the specialist dictionary that we have created for you. This enables you to use it with ease within your company.

Terminology management – what exactly is it?
We create standardised terminology lists before translating your document.

And we administer existing terminology lists and adapt the entries.

Of course, these services are available in all of the languages that you require.