Service – from the word go

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The world is small – but the variety of its languages is vast. Whoever wishes to successfully market products internationally must also equip themselves with technical documentation in the languages of the relevant sales markets. That's why we offer our customers first-class linguistic translations of their technical documentation.

We are your full-service providers for all aspects of the translation process. Do you require an initial translation of a specialist document? At ZINDEL, we not only have the appropriate translators. We also offer advanced terminology management and superb project management. And outstanding proof-reading, of course.

Or also during the process

Do you have questions regarding your existing translation? We will be glad to scrutinise it - through secondary proof-reading, for example: we would love to help you - so that your translation meets the highest standards.

Our services at a glance:

  • Technical documentation translations
  • Advice on your translation projects
  • Project management
  • Localisation
  • Terminology management
  • Proof-reading

What do technical translators do?

They adapt the texts to the specific national and linguistic conditions during specialist translation. This is necessary because specialist terms or units of measurement, for example, differ extensively in language variants such as "British English" or "American English".

The technical translators refer to similar specialist translations from the outset during their work, and base their text on templates that have already been checked. The use of translation memory systems also rationalises the entire translation process considerably: they process repeated sentences and specialist terms automatically. This saves our customers time and money – and guarantees technical documentation of the highest quality.

What exactly do translation managers do?

First-class translations necessitate accordingly trained specialists. Our translation managers are responsible for selecting and qualifying them. Human skills are simply indispensable in this process. While the technologies employed at ZINDEL AG automatically deliver translations to the layout, fine tuning and correction runs are still undertaken by human specialists.

The ZINDEL extra

From the word go, our technical editors formulate your texts so they can be translated properly, which significantly reduces the effort usually required in the subsequent processing steps. And accompanying terminology work ensures greater consistency in the specialist terminology. This pays off. We also provide our customers with online access to their specialist terms if required. This enables them to access all relevant specialist terms in the desired languages on the Internet.

Your advantage

A technical translation from our company gives you a clear competitive advantage on all international markets. In typical ZINDEL fashion!