Technical translations

The ZINDEL secret: translations by specialists

Our great strength: our translators are more than "just" translators – they are true specialists in describing technical facts in other languages. Because one thing is crucial to a technical translation: that the translator understands the source text in detail.

Whether it be electrical or mechanical engineering, pneumatics or hydraulics, machine or computer software, physics or chemistry: we have the appropriate translator for each sector. This enables us to guarantee top content quality.

At home in any language

Weltkugel mit Sprachen

Another benefit: we translate into all of the world's languages for you. This applies to any desired specialist document: operating and maintenance instructions, technical process descriptions, spare part lists, electronic parts catalogues, training documents, hardware and software texts, etc.

And finally: in our hands, you can be certain that not only the content will be translated correctly. It will also be perfect in terms of spelling, grammar and style.