Terminology work

Do you speak your customers' language? Do the readers of your instructions know, for example, that you use six different terms for emergency stop switch?

Only consistently developed terminology enables the reader to instantly understand what is being talked about. Uniform use of specialist expressions (terms) ensures that the texts can be reliably understood more quickly and better.

At ZINDEL, terminology work starts right at the beginning of a project – not during the translation process. This ensures that consistent terminology is already used in the source text. The result is less expensive translations of higher quality.

Sprachen im Eierbecher

What exactly do terminology work specialists do?

Diverse fields are unified at ZINDEL: Firstly, the technical editors' pronounced feel for language, with their specialist technical, linguistic and terminology knowledge and, secondly, structural database solution skills for terminology management.

Terminology work means: Terms are checked, preferred designations for a term are defined, permissible synonyms are assigned, prohibited expressions are identified.

Database-aided terminology management and the use of programmes with "linguistic intelligence" also enable machine correction to be carried out. This correction rounds off the obligatory proofreading undertaken by the technical editors.

The ZINDEL extra

As a supplement to our terminology work, our customers are also provided with optional access to the current terminology base. They are able to benefit from the existing terminology via a web interface. However, they can also suggest new words to have us check them according to terminological criteria.

This leads to the gradual creation of a knowledge database. Because terminology management is nothing other than knowledge management. It is your knowledge!

Your advantage

The quality of the source texts is improved, making them more understandable and consistent. This enables us to cut down on queries and additional costs. The quality of the text translations increases and translation costs are reduced. In typical ZINDEL fashion!