All technical documentation contains the description of a technical product, its operation and maintenance, for instance. It requires a sensible structure and a user-friendly external form – because an appealing design always encourages it to be read, thus making it easier to understand the content. In addition, any such publication should also correspond to the existing corporate image and corporate design – in terms of both content and form.

What exactly do publishing specialists do?

Besides developing the layout for printed and online media, this involves selecting the optimum publishing tool for the client's individual needs and, therefore, exploiting the advantages offered by modern publishing software to the fullest extent. This may be carried out on the basis of a format or using an XML structure. Automated processes vastly reduce the effort involved despite the constant increase in product diversity. Skilfully created variables, conditions and references avoid unnecessary work steps. In the long run, this reduces costs while simultaneously increasing quality. It also enables savings in the event of subsequent product updates.

Publishing Planung

The ZINDEL extra

We have developed in-house publishing standards that our customers are able to use. Alternatively, we offer the development of an individual design oriented towards the customer's CI.

Your advantage

This makes your documentation unmistakable and makes a high-quality impression. In typical ZINDEL fashion!