Technical editing

Fact: Every technical solution needs to be explained. This means that a technical product can only really be practical if its advantages and functions are clearly documented and therefore clearly communicated to the user. This helps the user to implement and operate the product in complete safety.

Achieving this objective requires communication appropriate to the target group, and guaranteeing this is the task of technical editing. This function "translates" complex concepts from the specialist terminology into language that is understandable to the user, providing him exclusively with clear information via, for example, a set of operating instructions.

What exactly do technical editors do?

Technische Redaktion

They initially research and document the technical characteristics of products. This information is then processed in such a way that the relevant target group can understand it without difficulty. This means that all contents are formulated in a user-friendly manner and are clearly structured; meaningful illustrations and translations are also commissioned. The future user should be able to experience all of the product's facets as easily as possible – which significantly helps avoid user errors and reduces the risks of injury.

To enable this simplicity, our specialists also work with the Hamburg comprehensibility model, with didactic-typographical visualisation and with Funktionsdesign®. Here, text, image and layout enhance one another. Each text is also created in compliance with the currently valid laws, standards and guidelines. And accompanying terminology work ensures greater consistency in the specialist terminology. Each individual document is then subjected to a multistage quality control process.

The ZINDEL extra

Our "full service" provides you with text, illustration, translation and publishing from a single source. All responsibilities are clearly defined. This saves time and money.

Your advantage

Our technical documentation meets the highest standards of quality in every regard. In typical ZINDEL fashion!