ZINDEL shows you objectives

In addition to traditional documentation services, we also offer extensive advice and decision-making aids on the following topics within the field of consulting:

Regulation-compliant technical documentation

So-called user information – operating instructions, maintenance documents, service manuals – cannot be created in a vacuum. It has to meet very specific requirements arising from laws, standards and guidelines. For example, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, DIN EN 82079 "Preparation of instructions" or ANSI Z535.6 on safety instructions.

We adhere to these regulations. And we show you what they mean for you.

Risk assessment and CE conformity process

If your products are subject to EU directives, you will be familiar with these requirements: No bringing into circulation without a CE symbol, no CE symbol without a CE conformity evaluation process, no CE process without a risk assessment. The national laws on product safety and product liability do their share in spreading a lack of clarity and uncertainty.

We know our way through the regulatory jungle. And we can support you on your way through it.

Standardisation in technical documentation

The creation of technical documentation can be laborious and cost intensive – to say nothing of translations and the production of foreign language versions. Standardisation techniques, such as Funktionsdesign and controlled language, help because they can be used to quickly write user-friendly texts, process structured graphics and inexpensively translate instructions.

We work with these methods. And we advise you and find the optimum solution for your requirements.


Content Management Systems and use of XML

The age of DTP in technical documentation is drawing to a close. The future belongs to Content Management Systems. Your valuable data is fit for the future when based on XML. However, a tool is only ever as good as its master. His 'tricks' are called modularisation strategies, the use of variables and variant management.

We use these techniques ourselves. And we help you in selection, introduction and optimisation. Irrespective of whether the Content Management System is to run internally at your company or we use our systems on your behalf.

Your advantage

You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Simply make use of our wealth of experience. From our practical experience – for your practical experience. In typical ZINDEL fashion!