The ZINDEL portfolio

Our job is technical documentation in all its forms. We, ZINDEL AG in Hamburg, are one of the leading full-service providers in this field. Our portfolio ranges from technical editing and technical illustration to professional translations in all of the world's languages. When professional technical documentation is needed, we are a competent and reliable partner to industry and commerce – and have been since 1993.

Our products

  • Instructions for use, operating manuals and assembly instructions
  • Directions for use, operating and maintenance instructions
  • Purely graphical instructions
  • Technical graphics and illustrations
  • Computer animation
  • Spare parts lists and electronic parts catalogues
  • Training documents
  • Translations

To enable us to realise these products appropriately and on time for our customers, ZINDEL AG employs a number of specialists whose skills sensibly complement one another. We attach great value to the continuous training of our experts and to the use of all conventional, modern technologies. We also have an extensive network of external specialists. This enables us to ensure that our products are always state of the art. Since we are able to offer all of this from a single source, our customers need only one contact person. Simple, isn't it?

We help you to inspire with technology

Just imagine you have purchased a technical device. It is intended to help you in daily life, offer enjoyment during your leisure time or make the work in your company more efficient – and the device comes with technical documentation that confirms you have made the right decision as soon as you open it.

Instructions which you are happy to turn to because your eyes quickly recognise structures and are steered to vital points. All operating steps and safe handling are explained briefly and succinctly in understandable language and with clear illustrations.

Whether this involves assembly or operation, maintenance or servicing – helpful answers are available to all of your questions. It is enjoyable to read – right down to the "device's very last function". This is what we can do for you.

First-class technical documentation is a first-class sales argument

ZINDEL AG will provide you with technical documentation that thrills your customers because it explains complex technology in an attractive, factually correct manner appropriate to the target group:

  • For specialists or laymen
  • For professional or private use

Our work helps ensure that you are able to delight your customers with your products. And satisfied customers are loyal customers who are sure to recommend your products to others. In typical ZINDEL fashion!