Proof of our quality: tekom documentation prize

Each year, tekom (the German professional association for technical communication) pays tribute to particularly good instructions for use and operating instructions. In a strict evaluation process, the submitted instructions are subjected to detailed scrutiny by independent experts. In 2012, twelve of the presenters won a tekom documentation prize. In 2013, there were only four – and two of the award-winning sets of instructions originated from ZINDEL.

Special emphasis is placed on the subjects of safety, completeness and user-friendliness of the sets of instructions. For this reason, these assessments are hugely important to us. Our customers also profit from the documentation prize as they can impress in the company as well as on the market with the proven quality of their sets of instructions.

tekom Dokupreis ZINDEL AG

Our winner 2013:

  • Melitta, Minden, brings a new generation of fully automatic coffee machines for households, offices and hotels onto the market. For this, ZINDEL developed the "Melitta Caffeo Barista fully automatic coffee machine" instructions for use.
  • Söring, Quickborn near Hamburg, produces an ultrasonic generator for use in ultrasonic surgery. For this, ZINDEL developed the "Söring SONOCA 300 ultrasonic generator" instructions for use.

Both sets of instructions were presented at the tekom and despite stringent award criteria - awarded overall grades of 1.6 – the best grade – and 1.9. Stefan Zindel and the responsible technical editors were able to receive the coveted awards at the 2013 tekom annual conference in Wiesbaden. The impressive trophy represents Thoth, the ibis-headed Egyptian god of knowledge, writers and the learned.

This means that ZINDEL AG has once again won the tekom documentation prize for its instructions:

  • Sysmex "Haematology analyser KX-21 N" instructions for use (overall grade 1,6)
  • Tchibo/TCM "Radio with CD player" operating instructions (overall grade 1.8)
  • Martechnic "AHHOI IR water in-line measuring device" operating instructions (overall grade 1.6)
  • Instructions for use Söring "Ultrasonic scissors“ (overall grade 1.6)
  • "Melitta Caffeo Barista fully automatic coffee machine" instructions for use (overall grade 1.6)
  • Söring "SONOCA 300 ultrasonic generator" instructions for use (overall grade 1.9)

This impressively proves that instructions from ZINDEL – even though virtually mass produced – are of outstanding quality. It is our goal to provide this level of quality to all customers. In typical ZINDEL fashion!