Our professional competence engenders confidence

For more than 20 years, numerous well-known, medium-sized companies have placed their confidence in our professional competence when the production and translation of instructions for their products is involved.

Collaboration always starts off with detailed documentation of the boundary conditions.

At this point, we also advise customers of any third-party requirements (legislator, test institutions, end customers). Timely delivery and fair pricing has ensured that we have been looking after many customers for a number of years.

Our work with metabo, the well-known manufacturer of power tools, is one example. In close co-operation with their experts, we produce the operating instructions for their stationary devices, etc. These documents are published in German and up to 26 other languages. We also supply text-free, purely graphical instructions for the corresponding accessories.

Zindel AG Referenz metabo

Target group-friendly formulation

Understandable instructions for operation, maintenance and care have to be formulated for the two target groups of "ambitious laymen" and "professionals". Relevant laws, standards and guidelines have to be taken into consideration and extensive safety instructions have to be produced. All projects are completed on schedule. And this has been the case for many years. In typical ZINDEL fashion!