Our quality principles

Our standard of quality is that quality is what the customer wants. This is why an order always begins with the detailed recording of the customer's requirements – including advice on any third-party requirements (legislator, test institutions, end customers).

For many clients, quality means, delivery by the agreed deadline above all. Thanks to our employees' extensive commitment, we have made almost every deadline possible – sometimes, of course, we have to work around the clock.

For us, however, quality also means quality at a fair price. Openness concerning calculations therefore forms an important part of our corporate philosophy.

Incidentally: Quality does not simply fall from the sky. That's why we are constantly striving to optimise our production and management processes. Among other tools, this is carried out using our quality management system, our internal company improvement system – into which all employees are integrated and in which improvement suggestions are collected, checked and implemented – and by obtaining suggestions for further optimisation from our customers' complaints. In typical ZINDEL fashion!