DOKU+MEDIEN Forum 2019 (fully booked)

On 13th February 2019, Zindel, along with our technical editing group DokuNord is hosting the 22nd DOKU+MEDIEN Forum – a day packed with informative seminars targeted towards the movers and shakers from the fields of development, design, sales, marketing, service and technical documentation. We hope you can join us!

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Smart Information from SIX

Nowadays, you immediately reach out for your smart phone or tablet the moment you need information of any kind. The thing is of course that not everything you find on the internet is useful. The same also applies to the technical documentation that is currently available for mobile devices – in the majority of cases, it simply does not live up to expectations. Far too often, information is divided up incorrectly and texts and images are not designed to be displayed on smaller screens.

Something has to be done! So, this year, six partners teamed up to form ‘SIX’.

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Technical documentation on mobile devices – an inspiring one-day seminar at ZINDEL

This is exactly how the future could look: technical documentation only in electrical, mobile and interactive form on tablets, system interfaces and machine control units. What was once just a distant dream for users and manufacturers is now becoming a reality!

Yet, what is actually permitted and where are the limits? What is reasonable beyond doubt and what is not? Does this technology really generate added value for the user? Which editorial concepts and structures are required? All of these highly topical issues and more will be addressed at our seminar, which incorporates various expectations and perspectives in the process.

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A triple achievement at the tekom Annual Conference 2017

The International Congress Centre (ICS) in Stuttgart was alive and kicking from 24th to 36th October, 2017: around 4300 participants, more than 250 lectures, workshops and presentations along with 160 exhibitors all came together under one roof. For us at Zindel, the tekom conference was more than worthwhile:  a centrally-located booth, well-attended presentations – and two tekom “Dokupreis” awards!

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Looking for CE-compliant instructions? Join ZINDEL on 13th September!

Are you responsible for instructions for use and operating instructions, CE labelling and risk assessments at your company? Are you interested in receiving essential information and finding out about all of the latest developments in these areas? If so, you are cordially invited to attend our technical seminar “CE-compliant technical documentation for machine, plant and medical devices”.

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