Our partners

Nowadays, everybody is talking about networks, and we are no exception! We have a established a close-knit network with our competent and flexible partners, consisting of experienced companies and service providers – a great number of whom we have been working with for many years.

DokuNord – association of technical editing teams

DokuNord Logo

DokuNord, founded back in 1994 by us and other service providers from the fields of documentation and advertising, has now become an amalgamation of five technical editing teams. In the form of DokuNord, they bring their entire know-how and manpower together to ensure you optimum customer benefits.
This means that our customers have access to the punching power and the experience of a total of around 100 regular employees and various freelancers. DokuNord is therefore one of the market's "major players". Nevertheless, our customers are presented with clear structures because the managing directors – who are also the owners of the companies – are directly available at DokuNord.


Translations into all languages

Länder Flaggen

We translate your instructions into all of the world's languages.
Of course, we do not do this all by ourselves, but co-operate with various partners:

  • Globally operating translation agencies
  • Freelance translators

Our translators translate into their native language, have a technical background and are equipped with modern translation memory tools. The translators have to meet a defined requirement profile to be accepted as one of our approved partners.

Ovidius GmbH

Ovidius GmbH Logo

We co-operate with Berlin-based SGML/XML specialist Ovidius GmbH in the field of technical documentation with content management systems (CMS). We use the extensive SGML/XML expertise offered by Ovidius for documentation services.

We use Ovidius technologies, such as the TCToolbox – the XML-based editing and content management system – to increase the efficiency of our editorial work. Of course, the know-how acquired thanks to our daily use of the CMS is integrated into all of the services we offer to our customers.

In Ovidius we have a high-performance SGML/XML publishing solution partner by our side, which is both experienced and flexible. Ovidius is also focused on S1000D-based and iSpec2200-based processes for the aviation and defence industries.


across Systems GmbH

across Systems GmbH Logo

We have been partners with across Systems GmbH since 2006. across offers an innovative and modern range of products surrounding the topic of corporate translation management. across is not only a simple translation memory tool, but also enables universal translation processes and flexible task distribution between the translator and service provider. Networked working and use of the same, consistent data by all parties involved reduce costs and also raise the quality of translations. Open interfaces, e.g. for translation-friendly writing, and workflows that can be defined by the user enable across to be adapted to individual customer requirements.


Docware GmbH

Docware GmbH Logo

As a software and system manufacturer, Docware GmbH has been involved in optimising the technical documentation of various industries and sectors for more than 10 years.

Docware organises the automatic creation of technical documents. The software solutions are focused on database publishing systems.

DMS, the electronic content management system, co-ordinates the entire editing and production process of technical publications and information – rationally from one source.

Parts-Service-Shop / Parts-Publisher enable spare parts catalogues, service information and online maintenance systems to be created for CD and the Internet or intranet, or allow these to be printed out in the form of "paper catalogues".

As a Docware partner, we use the Docware products ourselves or help our customers to introduce them.


tekom e.V.

tekom e.V. Logo

tekom e.V. is the professional association for technical documentation and communication in Germany.

tekom has around 5,000 members: technical editors, illustrators and translators.

tekom regularly organises conferences with presentations and workshops as well as training seminars, and publishes the specialist journal "technische kommunikation".

ZINDEL has been a corporate member at tekom from the beginning to constantly remain on the ball in terms of technical documentation.


VDI - Association of German Engineers

VDI - Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Logo

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe.

In Germany, it is regarded as the leading advanced training and experience exchange institution for technical specialists and managers.

The objective of its work is the transfer of technical knowledge as a service for all engineers and natural scientists, for companies, the state and the public.

For us, membership of the Association of German Engineers is an important instrument for accessing regular information and training on the latest technologies, current trends and further developments.